“In the Mirrors” is a nostalgic poetry performance with music, songs, and interludes about poets and actors of the brilliant Silver Age of Russian poetry.
The scene is set in St. Petersburg from 1910-1913 at the legendary “The Stray Dog Cafe.” The play celebrates the legacy of Russian poetry and the cultural figures of the Silver Age: A. Akhmatova, N. Gumilev, Kuzmin, O. Mandel’shtam and others. The script is based on excerpts from their widely acclaimed poetry, compilations of rare memoirs, letters, musical improvisations, romances and documentary film clips. In Russian.

Written and directed by Irina Volkovich

R. Galitch, I. Yesilevskaya, R. Freud, S. Gordeev, N. Romanova

Stage design: Kira Melamed
Sound and light: Yuriy Avezov